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Srimati radharani can be given a tulasi leaf in her hand for offering to lord krsna.

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She wears blue femile viagra contrareembolso. garments and is decorated with pearls and flowersHer right hand is raised in blessing the devoteesand on her left hand she holds her yellow parrotDakshawho has thousands of parrot disciples of various colorsredgreenyellowbluewhiteThe parrots serve Vrinda Devi by carrying messages to various parts of Vrindavana.

The first set of seeds did not growI daily worshiped a thin green sprout until it became painfully evident that it was a blade of grassThe second batch of seeds proved fruitfulhoweverand tiny heart-shaped seedlings spread their delicate leaves in our Honolulu homeThat was the beginning.

13Eye DisordersBasil juice is a good remedy for sore eyes and night-blindnesswhich is mostly caused by deficiency of fat-soluble vitamin2 drops of black basil juice area unit place into the eyes daily at time of day18

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first, obeisances are offered to tulasi-devi with the tulasi pranama mantra.

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