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(C#) C# LINQ & Extension method continued

Also extended C# LINQ and Extension method (simple) what is flagyl used to treat in women. to include the last (MAX) Date Created property, added a new Folder class (model) with properties and included them in a List. Also, amended the LINQ statement to get the MAX(Date Created) .

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Hooking with the Microsoft Detours library in C++

The DLL Injection example described how to inject a DLL into an existing process. The snippets below demonstrate a combination of hooking and DLL injection in C++ with the Microsoft Detours library. Quote: In computer programming, the term generic plavix available in usa. hooking covers a range of techniques used to alter or augment the [...]

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DLL injection in C++

DLL injection in Windows can be used to inject a DLL into a process and to take over/extend functionality. For example, the distribution platform Steam uses DLL injection for the game overlay.

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(C++) Reliably Checking Windows Bitness (32-bit or 64-bit)

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(C#) Windows Forms Keyboard Shortcut on Control

Easily create Windows viagra professional canada. Forms Shortcuts with this class. For example: A shortcut to catch pasting via Ctrl + V. Shortcut sc = new Shortcut(this, new Action(() =>A� MessageBox.Show("Data pasted!"))); sc.Keys.Add(Keys.ControlKey); sc.Keys.Add(Keys.V);

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