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(JavaScript) JavaScript Mediator Pattern

In software engineering, a mediator is a behavioral design pattern that allows us to expose a unified interface through which the different parts of a system may communicate. If it appears a system may have too many direct relationships between modules (colleagues), it may be time to have a central point of control that modules [...]

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(JavaScript) Fresh JavaScript file (With namespaced, closured module pattern)

A viagra for sale no prescription. JavaScript starter with a namespace and closure

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(PHP) Magento Create New ModuleController Dispatch

Create a Hello World module in the Magento system Configure this module with routes Create Action Controller(s) for our routes viagra_online_kaufen_europa.

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Classes and inheritance in F#

This example is similar to the Classes in Ruby example. ItA�demonstrates a superclass for representing a car. Two subclasses are used for representing a hero car and a villain car, they inherit from the superclass.

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