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(C#) Download text or bytes via HTTP

Downloads contents as a byte array or string, depending on need.

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(Java) Make Simple HTTP Request and Put Response in String

This snippet shows how to do a simple lightweight HTTP request in Java and place the response content in a String.

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(C) HTTP POST from Arduino (WiFly Library)

This snippet will send an HTTP POST from an Arduino using the WiFly library. The library is in early alpha, and is a port from the ethernet shield library. The code here should work with either. The critical part is the size of the data to send, and the line-breaks in the right places.

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Performing HTTP requests with cURL in PHP

These examples show how to perform GET and POST requests with the cURL extension for PHP.

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Asynchronous HTTP POST requests in Objective-C (Cocoa Framework)

The snippets below contain a header file and an Objective-C class to send HTTP POST requests.

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