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HTML5 speech-based input

HTML5 supports speech-based input via your microphone. Append the following line to your input tags. x-webkit-speech speech <input id=”search” name=”search” type=”text” x-webkit-speech speech> On a side note, it is currently only supported by Google Chrome.

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Persistent local storage with HTML5 Web Storage

HTML5 supports local storage with key-value pairs. The specification for local storage in HTML5 is called “Web Storage“. Storage is demonstrated in the example below by storing and retrieving an array of actors.

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Getting your location with HTML5 geolocation

The HTML5 specification includes support for geolocation for determining an approximation of your position. JavaScript is used in this example to get and display your position.

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Drawing circles with JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas

The HTML5 specification includes the canvas element for drawing graphics with JavaScript. This example demonstrates the use of the canvas element and JavaScript for drawing circles.

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