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(Python) Simple XOR Hash

This is a simple hash erythromycin price in las vegas. that pads its input to the block size and XORs every block together. Output is in hexadecimal octets.

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(Python) HMAC

HMAC, pass a hash from Crypto.Hash in PyCrypto. Key should be a uk without prescriptio. bytes object. Returns a bytearray.

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(JavaScript) Get URL parameters using Javascript

Usage: Let’s say we have an url: http://primera.vremenno.net?foo=yes&bar=no var hash = getUrlVars(); alert(hash['foo']); // returns 'yes' alert(hash['bar']); // returns 'no' fincar 5 mg india.

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Blowfish-based hashing for passwords in PHP

Storing passwords in a secure manner is very essential. Users can fall victim of cybercrime if a system containing the passwords of the users has been breached. DataLossDB illustrates the amount of data lost due to breaches. A cryptographic hash function can be used for creating a representation of a plaintext password, also known as [...]

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