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(SQL) Rename Microsoft SQL Server Database Schema

Generates a set of queries to run which will change the schema for buy viagra in egypt. all items within a specified schema and change them to another.

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(C#) LazyLoader – a simple, thread-safe class that can be used to load data on demand

A simple, thread-safe wrapper class for lazy-loading data into an instance on-demand donde puedo comprar metformina. (i.e. when the instance is first accessed.) Usage: LazyLoader l = new LazyLoader(() => Foo.LoadFromDataSource("DB Connection String")); // For access to the lazy-loaded instance: var x = l.Instance.Bar; // Need to ensure that the data is loaded deterministically? Use [...]

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Abstract database models with PDO MySQL (Zend Framework)

Zend Framework allows you to create models which extendA�Zend_Db_Table_Abstract. The shelf life of prevacid. snippets below demonstrate abstract database models.

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