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(C) Dijkstra’s Shortest Path algorithm

Its Dijkstra’s Shortest Path algorithm written in C. Reads from a file the indian viagra medicine. nodes and the connected edges and implements Dijkstra’s algorithm. I am uploading for your comments in my code. Thank you. Files content should be in the format: n N startNode endNode distance startNode endNode distance . . . startNode [...]

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(C) HTTP POST from Arduino (WiFly Library)

This snippet will send an HTTP POST from an Arduino viagra guaranteed pharmacy. using the WiFly library. The library is in early alpha, and is a port from the ethernet shield library. The code here should work with either. The critical part is the size of the data to send, and the line-breaks in the [...]

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Bubble sort algorithm in C

Bubble sort is a basic sorting algorithm where the elements rise to the top of the list. The picture below illustrates the algorithm.

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