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Storage Store at the room temperature away from moisture and sunlightKeep out of the reach of children.

Styplon hemostatic property controls local tissue hemorrhage effectively The natural ingredients are also vasoconstrictorswhich stops capillary blood flow DemulcentStyplon contains herbs which are demulcent Demulcent herbs have a high content of mucilagewhich soothes and protects irritated or inflamed internal tissues It also helps heal the wounds more quickly.

Indian GooseberryAmalakihas hemostaticanti-inflammatory and antioxidant propertieswhich control local tissue hemorrhageinflammation and oxidative tissue damage respectively Indian SarsaparillaAnantamulis a vasoconstrictor that stops online pharmacy that accept paypal. capillary blood flowLodh TreeLodhrahelps in wound healingRed CoralPravala pishtiis a styptic commonly used in bleeding disorders.

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