(Ruby) Calculate Standard Deviation in Ruby

This below code is for calculate standard buy clomid and pay with pay pal. deviation in Ruby on Rails. Here the data set is given in a array. To know more about standard deviation calculations @ [Standard Deviation Calculator](http://ncalculators.com/statistics/mean-standard-deviation-calculator.htm “Standard Deviation Calculator”)

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    Steps for Standard Deviation
    Step 1 : Use formula for standard deviation,
    σ = √[(1/N)Σi(xi-μ)2].

    Step 2 : Where σ – the standard deviation
    N – number of data points ;
    xi – the random variable where i takes values from 1 to N ;

    Step 3 : μ- the mean of the data set;
    Then write the final answer for σ .

    if you any large problem then i will suggest to use Standard Deviation Calculator Online

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