(Ruby) Calculate Standard Deviation in Ruby

This below code is for calculate standard deviation in Ruby on Rails. Here the data set is given in a array. To know more about standard deviation calculations @ [Standard Deviation Calculator](http://ncalculators.com/statistics/mean-standard-deviation-calculator.htm “Standard Deviation Calculator”)

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    Steps for Standard Deviation
    Step 1 : Use formula for standard deviation,
    σ = √[(1/N)Σi(xi-μ)2].

    Step 2 : Where σ – the standard deviation
    N – number of data points ;
    xi – the random variable where i takes values from 1 to N ;

    Step 3 : μ- the mean of the data set;
    Then write the final answer for σ .

    if you any large problem then i will suggest to use Standard Deviation Calculator Online

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