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Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic SymptomsDRESSalso known as multiorgan hypersensitivityhas occurred with NEURONTINSome of these reactions have been fatal or lifethreateningDRESS typicallyalthough not exclusivelypresents with feverrashand/or lymphadenopathyin association with other organ system involvementsuch as hepatitisnephritishematological abnormalitiesmyocarditisor myositis sometimes resembling an acute viral infectionEosinophilia is often presentThis disorder is variable in its expressionand other organ systems not noted here may be involved.

The effect of age was studied in subjects 20-80 years of ageApparent oral clearanceCL/Fof gabapentin decreased as age increasedfrom about 225 mL/min in those under 30 years of age to about 125 mL/min in those over 70 years of ageRenal clearanceCLrand CLr adjusted for body surface area also declined with agehoweverthe decline in the renal clearance of gabapentin with age can largely be explained by the decline in renal functionsee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION and Use In Specific Populations

The starting dose is 300 mg three times a dayThe recommended maintenance dose of NEURONTIN is 300 mg to 600 mg three times a dayDosages up to 2400 mg/day have been well tolerated in long-term clinical studiesDoses of 3600 mg/day have also been administered to a small number of patients for a relatively short durationand have been well toleratedAdminister NEURONTIN three times a day using 300 mg or 400 mg capsulesor 600 mg or 800 mg tabletsThe maximum time between doses should not exceed 12 hours.

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