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In a 28-month oral carcinogenicity study in ratsan increase in the incidence of liver tumors was observed in males at the highest dose tested69 mg/kg/day2x the MRHD based on AUC comparisons of the parent terbinafinehowevereven though dose-limiting toxicity was not achieved at the highest tested dosehigher doses were not tested.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSEOtomycosis is an acutesubacute or chronic fungal infection of the pinnathe external auditory meatus and the ear canal caused mainly by several species of saprophytic fungiLamisilTerbinafineis an allylamine antifungal agentthat is used both in the topical and oral administration for the treatment of dermatophytosiscutaneous candidiasisand the pityriasis versicolorWe investigated the in vitro activity of clotrimazolemiconazolenystatinand Lamisil against the agents of otomycosis.

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