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In vivo metabolism data indicate that neither fenofibrate nor fenofibric acid undergo oxidative metabolisme.gcytochrome P450to a significant extent.

TriCor should only be used when other measuressuch as diet and exercisehave not been enoughTriCor is a prescription medicine used along with diet in adults to lower triglyceridestotal cholesteroland LDLbadcholesteroland to increase HDLgoodcholesterolTriCor is also used along with diet in adults to lower severely high triglyceridesImproving blood sugar control in certain people with diabetes may prevent the need for cholesterol drug therapyTriCor was not shown to reduce the risk of having heart problems in patients with type 2 diabetes.

In female rats given oral dietary doses of 1575and 300 mg/kg/day of fenofibrate from 15 days prior to mating through weaningmaternal toxicity was observed at 0.3 times the MRHDbased on body surface area comparisonsmg/m 2

Potentiation of coumarin-type anticoagulant effects has been observed with prolongation of the PT/INR.

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tricor contains active substance fenofibrate.

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