For loops in Bash

For loops in Bash can come le prix du cialis en pharmacie. in handy when for example, you want to perform bulk operations. Think of renaming all files in a directory or executing a collection of scripts. The following snippet simply iterates through a set of prime numbers and prints them to the console.


for prime in 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29
  echo $prime is a prime number


2 is a prime number
3 is a prime number
5 is a prime number
7 is a prime number
11 is a prime number
13 is a prime number
17 is a prime number
19 is a prime number
23 is a prime number
29 is a prime number

The next snippet lists a directory and identifies files and directories.



for file in `ls $LIST_DIR`
  if [ -f "$LIST_DIR/$file" ];
    echo $LIST_DIR/$file is a file

  if [ -d "$LIST_DIR/$file" ];
    echo $LIST_DIR/$file is a directory


/etc/6to4.conf is a file
/etc/afpovertcp.cfg is a file
/etc/aliases is a file
/etc/aliases.db is a file
/etc/amavisd.conf is a file
/etc/apache2 is a directory
/etc/asl.conf is a file
/etc/authorization is a file
/etc/auto_home is a file
/etc/auto_master is a file

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