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0 42 of 84 patients for patients treated with topical diclofenac, a difference of -10.

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The TGA reviews have found that use of OTC NSAIDs is safe when they are used according to the recommended doses for short durationsas instructed on the labelHoweverinappropriate use or overuse of these medicines can pose a significant health risk.

Avoid using prescription NSAIDs in patients who have previously had myocardial infarctionanginacardiac failurehypovolemiasignificant peripheral vascular disease or pre-existing significant renal/liver dysfunction.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issuetalk to your health professional.

Consider advising patients who have risk factors for cardiovascular disease of the increased risks of using NSAIDsincluding OTC productsand educating them regarding the signs and symptoms of serious cardiovascular toxicityInstruct them to seek medical attention immediately if they experience any.

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there was no significant difference pregnancy test calculator. between etoricoxib and diclofenac in the rate of cardiovascular thrombotic events.

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