Classes and inheritance in Python

This example is similar to the Inheritance in PHP snippet. Python is used instead of PHP.

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#!/usr/bin/env python

# Define the Person class
class Person:
    # Define the constructor
    def __init__(self, name, age): = name
        self.age = age
    def Walk(self):
        return 'Person: Walking!'

# Inheritance
class PizzaDeliveryGuy(Person):
    # Override the Walk method
    def Walk(self):
        return 'PizzaDeliveryGuy: Walking!'
    def DeliverPizza(self):
        return 'Have a nice day!'

# Create an instance of Person
personInstance = Person("Santa",191)

# Create an instance of PizzaDeliveryGuy
pizzaDeliveryGuyInstance = PizzaDeliveryGuy("Luigi",30)

# Print the Person instance
print 'Name: ' +
print 'Age: ' + str(personInstance.age)
print personInstance.Walk()

print ''

# Print the PizzaDeliveryGuy instance
print 'Name: ' +
print 'Age: ' + str(pizzaDeliveryGuyInstance.age)
print pizzaDeliveryGuyInstance.Walk()
print pizzaDeliveryGuyInstance.DeliverPizza()


Name: Santa
Age: 191
Person: Walking!

Name: Luigi
Age: 30
PizzaDeliveryGuy: Walking!
Have a nice day!

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