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(PHP) PHP Miles to Latitude and Miles to Longitude Converter

There are tons of functions out there buy online doxycycline. to calculate the distance between two points, but what if you know one point and want to calculate the latitude (“vertical”) or longitude (“horizontal”) equivalent of a fixed distance, in miles? An example application would be in generating a minimum & maximum latitude and longitude [...]

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(PHP) Fibonacci series (several different algorithms)

Planning to add proper PHPunit and PHPlogger code examples and pills to cure migraines permanently. blog about it at

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(PHP) auto complete like google suggestion

auto viagra women buy. complete code snippet like google suggestions

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(PHP) Resize an image without distorting proportions

A function that how to cut cialis in half. resizes an image to desired width and height, but does not distort the image proportions. Suggestions please comment.

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(PHP) Get all information from a YouTube video

This code snippet gets all information from a YouTube video (title, description, duration, thumbnail url, thumbnail width, thumbnail height, viagra originale paypal. etc..) using the video id and YouTube API. (Sorry about my bad english)

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(PHP) get Latitude/Longitude from an address

Convert zoloft prices without insurance. an address to geocode Latitude/Longitude positioning with PHP and Google Maps

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Test for a valid e-mail address and MX records in PHP

Tests for a valid email address and fungsi obat flagyl. optionally tests for valid MX records, too.

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(PHP) Magento Using Collections, Filters and Manipulation Methods

A collection is a Model type power bull 100 sildenafil. containing other Models, it is basically used in Magento to handle product lists (ie. from a category or a bundle option), but not only. This is a simple example of loading some product collection from a category and ordering them on their product name using [...]

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(PHP) Magento Create Admin (Backend) Module with Grids

If you are creating an admin module cialis plus free viagra. for Magento (learn creating admin module in Magento) then you would surely be asked to create grids (eg. for order listing). Creating grids can be somewhat difficult for the novice Magento programmers, but in this tutorial we will create a grid in the admin [...]

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