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(C) Dijkstra’s Shortest Path algorithm

Its Dijkstra’s Shortest Path algorithm written in C. Reads from a file the nodes and the connected edges and implements Dijkstra’s algorithm. I am uploading for your comments in my code. Thank you. Files content should be in the format: n N startNode endNode distance startNode endNode distance . . . startNode endNode distance where [...]

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(C) HTTP POST from Arduino (WiFly Library)

This snippet will send an HTTP POST from an Arduino using the WiFly library. The library is in early alpha, and is a port from the ethernet shield library. The code here should work with either. The critical part is the size of the data to send, and the line-breaks in the right places.

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Bubble sort algorithm in C

Bubble sort is a basic sorting algorithm where the elements rise to the top of the list. The picture below illustrates the algorithm.

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First post!

wohoo! :-)

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