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Take Carafate on an empty stomachat least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.

Post-marketing cases of hypersensitivity have been reported with the use of sucralfate oral suspensionincluding anaphylactic reactionsdyspnealip swellingedema of the mouthpharyngeal edemapruritusrashswelling of the face and urticariaCases of bronchospasmlaryngeal edema and respiratory tract edema have been reported with an unknown oral formulation of sucralfate.

Take Carafate on an empty stomachat least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.

Use this medication for the full prescribed length of timeYour symptoms may improve before the ulcer is completely healed.

Due to limited experience in humans with overdosage of sucralfateno specific treatment recommendations can be givenAcute oral studies in animalshoweverusing doses up to 12 g/kg body weightcould not find a lethal doseSucralfate is only minimally absorbed from the gastrointestinal tractRisks associated with acute overdosage shouldthereforebe minimalIn rare reports describing sucralfate overdosemost patients remained asymptomaticThose few reports where adverse events were described included symptoms of dyspepsiaabdominal painnauseaand vomiting.

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