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Use only nonmedicated cosmetics on cleansed skinDo not use topical preparations with a lot of alcoholmentholspicesor limee.gshaving lotionsastringentsand perfumesthey can sting your skinespecially when you first use tretinoin.

Minimize exposure to the sun and to extreme cold or windAvoid sunlampstanning beds and ultraviolet lightuse a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15wear protective clothing and wide-brimmed generic ed pack. hat stop using tretinoin if you get a sunburn avoid washing your skin too oftenscrubbing the affected skinor using other products with a drying effectincluding other products containing tretinoinunless recommended by your healthcare provider.

Topical treatment for acne vulgarisMinimize sun exposureValid prescription required.

Avoid getting this medication in your eyesmouthand noseor on your lipsIf it does get into any of these areaswash with waterDo not use tretinoin topical on sunburnedwindburneddrychappedirritatedor broken skinAlso avoid using this medication in wounds or on areas of eczemaWait until these conditions have healed before using tretinoin topical.

If RETIN-A is going to have a beneficial effect for youyou should notice a continued improvement in your appearance after 6 to 12 weeks of therapyDon’t be discouraged if you see no immediate improvementDon’t stop treatment at the first signs of improvementOnce your acne is under control you should continue regular application of RETIN-A until your physician instructs otherwise.

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1 tretinoin cream led to fewer actinic keratoses in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

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