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The structural formula of betnovate-gm miconazole nitrate nitrate is as follows .

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1Pathological phimosis is when the ability of the foreskin to move is reduced by infectioninflammation or scarringThis is the most unlikely causebut it does happen to men of any age.

Clobetasol proprionate 0.05DermovateDermolApply once or twice dailyBetamethasone dipropionate 0.05in a propylene glycol baseDiproleneApply once or twice daily.

Drink lot of water Take adequate vegetables and fruits Avoid high calories intake Avoid oily product application Avoid stress Take shower after workout in gym Avoid betnovate cream on face.

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3Common phimosis is usually found in young male childrenwhen the foreskin adheres to the head of the penisThis is something a boy grows out of over timeif he does notit will become apparent that common phimosis is actually congenital phimosis.

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