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Two-ya oal cacinognicity studis in ats and mic hav vald ncacinognic activity at doss up t6 mg/kg. This dos cosponds in ats and mic tappoximatly 190 and 95 tims th maximum commndd daily intanasal dos in adults, spctivly, and appoximatly 110 and 55 tims th maximum commndd daily intanasal dos in childn, spctivly, on a mg/m? basis. sults vaious mutagnicity studis (Ams tst, mous dominant lthal tst, mous miconuclus tst, and chomosom abation bon maow in Chins hamsts) w ngativ.

Tll you doctabout all mdicins you a taking, including y dops. Ask you docti you a taking any anticholingic mdicins bcaus taking thm togth with ATOVNT HA can incas sid cts.

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